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Reasons to love the Cornish Rex!



The Cornish Rex are medium sized cats with short coat and slender build. Legs are long and body curves upwards toward the ribs, tail is long and tapering. Their coat is wavy (called a marcel wave) in appearance with curly whiskers and eyebrows.

A typical cat has three types of hairs, guard hairs, awn hairs, and down hairs (under coat). The Cornish Rex coat completly lacks the guard hairs giving it an incredibly soft feel. Coat is wavy in appearance. Head is wedge shaped and longer than it is wide, has high cheekbones and roman nose.

Cornish rex are quite, outgoing cat. They enjoy being part of the family and like being included in all family daily activities. They have a high energy level and love to play well into adulthood. Very acrobatic and love to climb. They are well known to play fetch with their owners. Extremly intelligent cats and very affectionate. Get along great with pets and children. They come in all range of colors.